List of Japanese Dog breeds

Some people think of Akita Inu and Shiba Inu when they see the words “Japanese Dog breeds”, some think of Shikoku, Kai, Kishu, Hokkaido… But there a lot more than just those 6. Some extinct, some surviving on a small string.

Akita Inu
Hokkaido Inu
Kai Ken
Karafuto Ken
Kawakami Ken
Kishu Ken
Koshino Inu
Mikawa Ken
Minamidaito Ken
Ryukyu Ken
Sanshu Inu
Shikoku Ken
Tosa Ken
Yakushima Ken
This is by no means a Complete listing. Some of these are already extinct.
Eventually, all these names will become links. Each week I’ll do a blog post about one of these breeds, a little “breed facts” post and link the names to that post.